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Our nurses are passionate about supporting others through their ups and downs. We make sure to spend time with them at our sites across the UK to give you access to what they have to say. We listen to their stories and what it means to them to be a nurse.

Why We Care: The Nursing Career Podcast

We created this podcast to help and inspire nurses with advice, insights into working practices, and stories from our staff, service users, residents, and patients.

What motivates us to do this challenging, but rewarding, job?

Kennedy and Catherine talk about what motivates them to be a nurse and do their job day in day out.

What makes you proud to do this job?

It's a big question, and we love hearing the answers. The team at Hope House in Hartlepool tells us what makes them proud to do what they do.

Our Nursing Strategy

David Wilmott, Director of Nursing, talks with his colleagues about our Nursing Strategy here at Cygnet Health Care.

What makes you proud of nursing at Cygnet?

David, our Nursing Director, talks about what makes him proud of nursing here at Cygnet.

Jaden's Story

“You get a chance to breathe. You sleep in a way that you haven’t slept for in years.” This is what care means to Jaden’s parents.

Doctors & Consultants

Our Speciality Doctors, Consultants, and Medical Directors have conversations that help us all innovate and grow our expertise. Hear from some of our people as they share their opinion, stories, advice, and what it’s like working at Cygnet Health Care.

Our approach to improving the quality of care

Eleanor - Consultant and MD for Scottish LD services and Nikhil - Consultant and MD for Bury talk about a patient-focused approach, the importance of teams working together, and how connecting with experts in other services helps improve the quality of care.

Working in multi-disciplinary teams

We chat with Austin, one of our Speciality Doctors, about his experiences and opinion of multi-disciplinary teams. He relies on the MDT to give him valuable information that helps him decide the best time to discharge a patient.

Moving from the NHS to the independent sector

Matt and Logan have been at Cygnet Health Care for different lengths of time but both have the same passion for mental healthcare. Matt is a recent joiner and Logan has been with us for over 9 years.

The CESR experience at Cygnet

We chat with Ashraf, Consultant Psychiatrist & Responsible Clinician, about his recent experience of CESR and what it means for his career.

Career progression stories

Eleanor and Nikhil share some of their colleagues’ inspiring career progression stories, from passing exams to becoming medical leaders.

Career support

Eleanor and Nikhil talk about the best approach to supporting doctors and helping them advance in their careers.

Care & Support Staff

Coming to work with a purpose. Knowing you have a huge impact on people’s lives – there’s no better feeling. As one of our Care and Support colleagues, you’ll help service users achieve positive outcomes, every day. This job isn't for everybody and it's challenging but it's really rewarding.

Life Changing Stories | Peter

Biker. Grandad. Worked in factories. Now works in healthcare. Peter shares his story and what it means to use his life skills to care for others.

Life Changing Stories | Jayne

Proud nanny of a two year old. Spent 25 years working in retail. Now works in healthcare. Jayne shares her story and what it means to use her life skills to care for others.

Life Changing Stories | Cara

Mum of two teenagers. Works in healthcare. Cara talks about the importance of a work-life balance and what it means to make a positive difference every single day.

What it takes to care

Compassion, commitment, and respect. Jane, Peter, and Cara share the life skills that help them care for others.

Challenges of the job

It's not for everyone. But using your life skills to make a positive difference to someone is very rewarding. Jane, Peter and Cara share all.

Advice for career changers

It’s never too late to change your career. If you’re caring and want to use your life skills to care for others, then it’s worth thinking about Cygnet Health Care.


As a Psychology professional at Cygnet, you’ll enjoy autonomy while being part of a close-knit team. With opportunities to innovate and grow your expertise, you can progress your career while being part of an organisation that cares for its colleagues as much as its service users, patients and residents.

Psychology at Cygnet Health Care [E1]

Amit tells us why he joined Cygnet, our approach to psychology, and what makes us stand out from other organisations.

Psychology at Cygnet Health Care [E2]

Amit talks about making the move from public to private sector and what it means to work in a service with six wards. An joining a truly multi-disciplinary team.

Leadership in psychology

Charlotte tell us a bit about leadership in psychology and the importance and impact of co-facilitation

Our Teams

It takes lots of passionate people, with a wide range of skills and expertise, to provide life-changing health and social care. For our patients, services users, residents, and their families, these people are heroes. And, each one of them helps us to help others live healthier, happier lives – every day.

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Cygnet is an equal opportunities employer.

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